"Planet Blow: The Dark Lines" is the shocking windsurf movie

March 16, 2011 | Windsurfing
Fabrice Beaux: windsurfing can be shocking

In two years, Sylvain Demercastel followed Fabrice Beaux in a windsurf trip through five destinations: California, New York, Costa Rica, Paris, Morocco, Philippines and Indonesia.

"Planet Blow: The Dark Lines" is a true windsurfing movie based in a real history where the NeilPryde team rider looks deeply into the state and health of the planet.

Fabrice Beaux, a pro wave sailor, is confronted with the flip side of a surfing trip, for the very first time. The film director produces an ecological science fiction documentary that shocks and opens our eyes to the extent of the impending disaster.

Also, Jack O'Neill plays himself and defines the project as a "new kind of surf movie". The DVD also features a supplementary 150 page photo book with picture from Maxime Houyvet, Julian Schlosser and Sylvain Demercastel.

"We had the feeling that as simple surfers we were not in a position to save the world, especially when we thought that our lifestyles were probably part of the problem and not the solution. We did not want to point the finger at anybody, so we decided to criticize ourselves in this movie instead", explains Fabrice Beaux.

"Planet Blow: The Dark Lines" should be a compulsory surf movie for all wave riders. Looking for a way to feel alive. Watch the trailer.

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