Point-7 announces five new windsurfers on the Black Team

January 2, 2013 | Windsurfing
Maciek Rutkowski: Point-7 didn't know he had twin brothers

Windsurfing brand Point-7 has announced five new faces for the 2013 Black Team. The company is steadily boosting its presence in pro windsurfing.

Maciek Rutkowski, Alberto Menegatti, Bora Kazanoglu, Enrico Marotti and Bruno Martini are the new windsurfers in the Black Team roster by Point-7.

"Our international riders have been generating top 5 and 10 results throughout the season in all disciplines last year. Now, our next aim is to get our athletes to work as a team throught this winter", explains Point-7 CEO, Andrea Cucchi.

Point-7 wants to change the way sport works nowadays. The whole team will gather between the 15th of January and the end of April, in Tenerife, to work together in improving their skills, tuning their gear, work on new ideas and feeling the advantages of working as a real team.

"It has more to do with dedication, identity, team spirit, performance and style, all represented by the brand of Point-7. I've known Andrea Cucchi for over 10 years and ever since he started Point-7 we were kind of joking about getting me on the team", explains Maciek Rutkowski.

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