Polish windsurfers shine in the new BIC Techno 293 Plus class

July 25, 2016 | Windsurfing
Marcin Urbanowicz: celebrating victory in the new BIC Techno 293 Plus class | Photo: BIC Techno 293

Marcin Urbanowicz and Karolina Lipińska have taken out the first edition of the BIC Techno 293 Plus European Championship, in Sopot, Poland.

Forty-six windsurfers from 13 nations competed in 15 races, including a marathon race and slalom. Techno 293 Plus is a brand new Youth Olympic windsurfing class, and all sailors proved it has a bright future ahead.

The windsurfing scene is currently dominated by the Polish armada and, once again, nothing changed. The Open Men and Women divisions were dominated by Urbanowicz and Lipińska in front of their home crowd.

"The wind conditions were really good. The wind was onshore, which means it was more predictable. The race committee worked very well, the races were on time, and we didn't need to wait too long for each start," said Marcin Urbanowicz.

"Combining slalom, long distance and course racing in one event was a new experience for me. It turned out really well. Congratulations to the younger competitors, who sailed really well at this regatta."

Karolina Lipińska made no mistakes and claimed the gold spot ahead of here fellow countrywoman Weronika Marciniak. Mak Cheuk Wing, from Hong Kong, finished third.

"I didn't know the competitors, and I don't think I have ever raced against them. I concentrated on beating the sailor from Hong Kong and the fight for the podium position was decided only in the final race," concluded Lipińska.

BIC Techno 293 Plus European Championship | Top 3

Open Men
1. Marcin Urbanowicz (Poland)
2. Leung Po Hei (Hong Kong)
3. Kristian K Wendelborg (Norway)

Open Women
1. Karolina Lipińska (Poland)
2. Weronika Marciniak (Poland)
3. Mak Cheuk Wing (Hong Kong)

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