Port Phillip Downwinder aims for Guinness World Records

January 22, 2014 | Windsurfing
Windsurfing marathons: long and exhausting

The Port Phillip Downwinder is making an attempt for the longest windsurfing race in the world.

The windsurfing event will be held in Melbourne's scenic Port Phillip Bay, and aims to enter the Guinness World Records, on the weekend of the 8th-9th February, 2014.

Windsurfers from around the state will descend on Victoria's beaches to prove their abilities in the Port Phillip Downwinder, a challenging 30-kilometer windsurfing endurance race.

The sailing marathon will start at Bonbeach, in Melbourne's South, and will be concluded in St Kilda at the top of Port Phillip Bay.

Spectators will be able to watch the action, as windsurfers sail within 50 meters of the coast, at speeds between 20-30 knots.

The competitor will be making close passes near Ricketts South beach, in Beaumaris, and Green Point Brighton. They will also be viewable along the length of Beach Road.

The longest windsurfing race in the world is the Lancelin Ocean Classic Windsurfing Marathon, held annually in Lancelin, Australia. The course measured 25.62 kilometers (15.92 miles), on the 12th January, 2008.

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