Pro windsurfers battle for the Tiree Wave Classic

September 9, 2010 | Windsurfing
Tiree Wave Classic: water patrol sighted

The Tiree Wave Classic is now in its 24th year and remains the most impressive Wave event in the UK Calendar. Competitors from all over the UK will be battling against each other in the harshest conditions the UK has to offer, to win the 'Tiree Wave Classic' title. Furthermore, all sailors will be fighting hard to improve their chances of winning the coveted BWA UK Wave Championship.

With only TWO rounds remaining the field remains tight and open for any rider to snatch crucial points.

The current tour leader is Ben Proffitt. We asked him how he was feeling with so many sailors snapping at his feet for the tour leader's 'yellow rashie'.

"I'm feeling really good. My sailing is pretty solid. I had my best result for a while in the first PWA wave event of the year in Pozo during the summer so I'm raring to go. It's going to be a tight event as usual as all the top British pros will be there and maybe a few international ones. I just hope I can get it together and take home the win..."

In addition to the ferocious fight between the British pros, the BWA will also be running Ladies, Amateur, Junior, and Masters fleets.

So if you are a competent wave sailor then the BWA team in Tiree will welcome you and get you involved in this super friendly event. As always there will be plenty of other entertainments going on throughout the week including the legendary Island parties!

Tiree dates: 9th - 15th October 2010 (Closing party Friday 15th)

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