PWA unveils 2010 windsurfing calendar of events

January 12, 2010 | Windsurfing

Professional Windsurfers Association

The New Year is upon us and with it comes the start of a new season. 2009 was made more difficult than it should have been by current worldwide economic circumstances, but with that taken into consideration, it was a reasonably successful year.

Although we do find ourselves facing similar circumstances for the year ahead, we are already starting to see signs of increased investment and new events being brought to the tour.

There have also been a few significant changes made since last season, that will affect many of you, but these are all positive and will help to bring increased prosperity to the tour.

As agreed at the Sylt AGM, men's Slalom Prize Money, at single discipline Slalom events has been raised by €10,000 to €40,000. This change has no come into effect and we have already secured the additional funding for both the Korean and Costa Brava events.

As part of this raise, prize money will now be split amongst the top 24 at events with the increased prize fund.

Following the email poll that was taken last year, and after considerable consultation with the windsurfing industry, it has been decided that for 2010 onwards Freestyle sailors will use only production boards, registered through the PWA Registration Program.

Although there were one or two sailors opposed to this idea, the vast majority were in favour and there was an overwhelming request from the industry for us to make this change.

The change to production boards is being made to save costs and to give a greater return for sponsors on their investment in PWA sailors making you all a more valuable asset to the manufacturers.

We have held back on publishing a calendar for 2010 as circumstances have been very dynamic and we wanted to give you the most accurate information we could.

You will see on the calendar that we have a new event in Denmark in the form of the Cold Hawaii World Cup in September. This will be an exciting new stop on the tour and will fit nicely in ahead of nearby Sylt, helping with travel arrangements.

There are also numerous other event projects, some based on new venues, some based on old favourites and we will bring you details of those as soon as they become more concrete.


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