Red Bull Storm Chase eyes force 10 winds

May 1, 2012 | Windsurfing
Red Bull Storm Chase: defy fear, defy tornados

Red Bull Storm Chase, the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time, is preparing to a global chase for giant waves and wind beyond storm force 10. The most radical wave sailing contest conditions ever seen will pump the nerves of windsurfing fans.

Man versus nature, three fat storms above 10 Beaufort, 10 sailors, and the entire planet as a stage. The ingredients are set for drama and epic footage. From August 1st until November 30th the Red Bull Storm Chase is on.

What does it feel like in the eye of a raging storm? The 2006 Red Bull Storm Chase Europe created the concept of windsurfing genuine storm conditions. This time it’s going global.

By hunting down three massive storms anywhere in the world, the 10 best athletes will battle for the crown of ultimate storm windsurfer. The contest format is simple: 10 riders compete in the first mission. Six of them advance to mission number two.

In the final mission the top 4 riders will battle for the ultimate Storm Chaser's crown. To guarantee raging conditions, Red Bull Storm Chase 2012 will be mobile to the max, with a 4-month holding period and just 48 hours to mobilize riders and global contest crew on-site before the storm strikes.

The starting flag goes up when the winds exceed 10 Beaufort (54 knots / 100 kmh / 62 mph). Heavy weather skills, gear and full commitment to the event are required. When the storm calls there can be no excuses. But we don’t need to tell you that, do we?

By submitting spots and voting the riders, anyone can be a part of the Red Bull Storm Chase without even getting wet. Your choice of mission locations is critical. Until the end of May you can suggest spots for the three missions.

In early July a distinguished panel of experts will nominate the top 50 candidates from the submitted riders for the public voting stage. During a two-week online voting period, you can pick your favorite high wind wave specialists from the pro and amateur windsurfing scenes.

The 10 athletes with the most votes will be battling for the ultimate Storm Chaser‘s crown.

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