Ricardo Campello flies to victory at the 2015 Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge

August 11, 2015 | Windsurfing
Ricardo Campello: victory is in the air | Photo: Carter/PWA

Ricardo Campello has claimed the 2015 Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge, in Tenerife.

The Brazilian windsurfer riding for Venezuela performed spectacular aerial rotations and double pushloops to defeat nine opponents in the Canarian artificial wave pool.

The tow-in competition included a night session with hundreds of spectators surrounding the liquid arena. Camera flashes, wipeouts, flood lights and the world's best wave windsurfers completed the dream scenario.

The 2015 Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge is a super session, and as with any other extreme windsurfing contest, it has its risks - nearly hitting the pool's wall is a classic danger in this event.

In the end, everything went well, and the French made it to the podium in third place. With Campello winning the event for the second consecutive year, Adam Lewis had to settle for second place.

2015 Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge | Top 3

1. Ricardo Campello
2. Adam Lewis
3. Antoine Martin

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