Rob Kent dominates 2011 UK Raceboard season

October 10, 2011 | Windsurfing
Rob Kent: Raceboard advanced expert

The 2011 UK Raceboard season has been dominated by strong winds making it the most exciting for many years. The light winds had to come, and sure enough at the British Open Championships at Portland, the high pressure and unseasonable hot temperatures set in.

Lightwind tactical racing, to the experienced sailor, is as much a challenge as in the strong stuff - if it is not - it should be, because that is what makes a champion.

Rob Kent, sailing on the latest Tushingham XR Race 9.5m, clocked in his most impressive set of results all year. He won the Raceboard National Open Championships on minimum points, three firsts to count.

"The versatility that the new XR racing sail gives is amazing. Tushingham wanted to design a sail that spanned a wide wind range at the highest level of competition. This weekend we had winds as low as 3-knots on the course", said Rob.

"At the start of the season, Dave Hackford showed that this sail is blisteringly quick in planning conditions, and now having had the lowest wind regatta of the year this sail has proven to perform in all wind bands".

The top of the British Raceboard fleet is now hugely competitive. Mark Kay finished 4th in the recent World Championships, in Spain, and Harriet Ellis returned home with the World title crown. The Starboard Phantom 380 is the board of choice for pretty much all serious competitors.

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