Robby Swift and the day he will never forget at Jaws

August 31, 2016 | Windsurfing
Robby Swift: an air drop into the abyss | Photo: Erik Aeder

Wiping out riding a windsurf board with a sail attached to it is always an intimidating experience. Especially, if you're descending a giant slope at Jaws, in Maui.

The English windsurfer now living in Hawaii is an adrenaline-seeking addict, and when he hears that a 30-foot swell is hitting Peahi, he's one the first to get ready for the thrill.

In February 2016, he joined Jake Schettewi and Morgan Noireaux in an unforgettable big wave windsurfing session at Jaws. But the infamous session wouldn't end without a dangerous wipeout.

"I wanted to do a nice turn, and everything happened so fast that the board just spun around and flipped upside down, and I ended up bodysurfing down the wave on the upside down, and then getting stuck to the boom as I was whipped over the falls," Robby Swift told Continent Seven.

"It was probably the worst wipeout I have ever had. I have had a few wipeouts there surfing and windsurfing but being stuck to the gear like that was horrible and could have ended up much worse than it did."

Robby Swift's first wave sailing session at Jaws dates back to 2002, but the risks he took 14 years ago were not comparable to those he experiences today. The truth is that, as time goes by, the British sailor pushes his limits further beyond.