Rory Ramsden steps down from the RS:X Class

November 14, 2012 | Windsurfing
RS:X Windsurfing class: en route to Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The RS:X class is still celebrating the fact that windsurfing in back on the Olympic track. Rory Ramsden, Chief Operating Officer of the RS:X class is stepping down.

ISAF has confirmed that windsurfing will continue in the Olympic Games' sailing program. Rory Ramsden, Chief Operating Officer of the RS:X class, has already thanked everyone who reinstated windsurfing in the Olympic movement.

"This battle was fought using all the levers available. 31,254 people signed the online petition. 20,000 joined the "Appeal" page on Facebook. 14,342 followed the 'Vote Windsurfing' Facebook page", says Rory Ramsden.

"Countless others worked tirelessly in the background to lobby MNAs and turn the groundswell of opinion into a tsunami of voters at the General Assembly".

Ramsden underlines that windsurfers "know how the world of kiteboard racing must feel" and promises to "do our best to help them in that endeavour right up to where the line is drawn".

"In our heart of hearts, we both know that this was a fight neither of us wanted. A compromise would have weakened the appeal of both sports to small and emerging nations round the world. Now is the time for both windsurfing and kite to take stock", explains Rory Ramsden.

The Chief Operating Officer of the RS:X class says "kiteboarding ran a skilful campaign" and that "four more years will see big changes" for their sport. Ramsden end ups saying that "we can never again be caught napping".

"As for me, it was always my intention to step down after the RS:X was selected for Rio 2016. I never expected that to be so difficult so now is the time to stand back and let a new generation take the sport forward to Rio", Rory Ramsden concludes.