Round 1 of the Irish Slalom Series set to the Malahide estuary in Dublin

March 20, 2009 | Windsurfing

Irish Slalom Series Round 1

Following on from the success of 2008, this year’s UK Slalom Series sponsored by JP and Neil Pryde kicks off with a real curtain raiser and looks to set the tone for what is looking like a fantastic season for British and Irish Slalom racing!

As part of a two event mini series called the “Irish Sea Challenge” competitors from Ireland and the UK will join forces to compete for overall titles and international glory!

Malahide in Ireland will be the first venue on the calendar and a venue you’ll be mad to miss out on, with superb sailing conditions providing good clean winds and superbly fast flat water-the ideal choice for any slalom event. off the water the weekend is looking just as special with an amazing Irish style party planned with live music and local beverages for competitors, travellers and spectators alike!

The Malahide estuary is situated just north of Dublin and only a very short drive from Dublin’s ferry ports, so once on the ferry your journey from the UK is pretty much done!

Use the weekend to take in some sights and enjoy a road trip of epic proportions - sailing in a new and fantastic location with a team of competitive and entertaining hosts! Ireland is famous for many things but it’s hospitality has to be right up there, you know this weekend will give you more than just windsurfing, pool your transport, book your ferry and book your place now.

Fleets competing will consist of the existing top flight and challenge fleets along with the more social aspect of the “Groove Armada Fleet” where the focus is much more on the road trip and entertainment side of the series, needing no fancy kit or previous experience of racing, you just need a will to travel and have a good time!

To score in this fleet you count just 4 out of 8 simple hourly races that will take place over the weekend, its that easy! and prizes are on offer to all.

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