RS:X windsurfing only proposal reaches ISAF Council

November 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
RS:X Windsurfing: to be or not to be in the Olympic Games

The ISAF Events Committee has approved the "Submission 055-12" to get Men and Women RS:X Windsurfing in the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games, replacing Men and Women Kiteboarding.

The proposal made by the International Raceboard Class Association argues that kiteboarding "has not proven to be ready for inclusion in the Olympic Sailing Regatta" and was approved by the ISAF Events Committee.

This means that this radical proposal - which simply wants kiteboarders out of the Olympic Sailing events - will need at least 75% of votes at the ISAF Council meeting. Is it an extreme counterattack?

The ISAF Council is responsible for deciding the events and equipment used at the Olympic Sailing competition. The same slate is then used at the ISAF Sailing World Championships and ISAF Sailing World Cup.

The final decision will be made on the 10th November 2012. What will be the final formula? Only kiteboarding, only windsurfing or a mixed blend of sports?

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