Sarah Hebert has sailed one third of the transatlantic crossing

March 1, 2012 | Windsurfing
Sarah Hebert: go girl, you're already there

Sarah Hebert has already completed one third of the Atlantic Ocean windsurf crossing. The French sailor is en route to Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean Sea, at high speed and getting the most out of the trade winds. Cape Verde is well behind her back.

The transatlantic journey is going very well. In fact, Hebert is preparing her windsurf equipment to the minimum detail, every morning. She has been suffering a bit with the constant swell shock on her knees, but the pace is just great.

Sarah Hebert is trying to drive her windsurf sail to the Guadeloupe island, which has been forcing her to navigate in an uncomfortable position, in medium force winds.

In the next days, the weather forecast promises more challenges to the intrepid sailor who carries a pacemaker close to her heat. Gusty winds and choppy waters may get in her way.

The Atlantic Ocean windsurf crossing from Senegal to Guadeloupe is a 4000-kilometre adventure that will take more or less 25 days to complete. When she reaches the Caribbean Sea, Hebert will be the first woman to complete the transatlantic achievement on a windsurf board.