Sarah-Quita Offringa wins her 10th PWA Freestyle world title

July 26, 2017 | Windsurfing
Sarah-Quita Offringa: she has ten PWA Freestyle world titles under her belt | Photo: Carter/PWA

Sarah-Quita Offringa secured her tenth PWA Freestyle world title, at Fuerteventura, in Spain.

The Aruban sailor conquered "La Decima" in one of the most thrilling women's finals in the history of windsurfing. Offringa beat Maaike Huvermann in a nerve-wracking showdown.

The Dutch landed shuvit spocks, konos, a culo, and a puneta, but Offringa took a deep breath and replied with a magic burner. Both windsurfers only heard the judges' decision on the beach.

"It was a really tough week mentally for me. Everybody is quite supportive of me here but also make it sound like it's guaranteed like I'll win. Which isn't the case. I still have to go out and do it. I think that built up into more pressure than usual combined with the fact that I could win ten titles," explained Sarah-Quita.

"I did want it pretty bad. So the hardest part was keeping my emotions in check and to sail without thinking too much about the future."

The truth is that Maaike Huvermann is nearly there. Next year, she will definitely give Offringa a run for her money.

2017 Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam | Top 5

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins
2. Maaike Huvermann (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)
3. Oda Johanne Windsurfing(Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)
4. Arrianne Aukes (Fanatic / NorthSails / Maui Ultra Fins)
5. Olya Raskina (JP / NeilPryde)

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