Sebastian Kornum races to victory in Copenhagen

May 8, 2013 | Windsurfing
Sebastian Kornum: fast as a Danish

Sebastian Kornum has stormed the first event of the Danish National Windsurfing Series, held in Copenhagen.

The 20-year-old windsurfer won both disciplines, Slalom and Formula, in the inaugural stage of Denmark's national racing competition.

Kornum had been developing sails and boards, in Maui, for six months. Two days after arriving in Copenhagen, he stole the show. The windsurfer rode JP boards and NeilPryde sails.

"Our new racing gear is faster than ever and I am totally on fire after having tried the production sails and boards, for the first time, this weekend".

"I got my gear just one day before the race, and literally rigged and raced it without any time for fine tuning. It is so perfectly designed, and simply makes racing more fun than ever".