Shakas and Flakas invade Minnis Bay

June 22, 2011 | Windsurfing
Freestyle windsurfing: not as easy as it may seem

The best freestyle windsurfers have hit the waters of Minnis Bay for another crazy round of the UKWA Freestyle Tour and the first stage of the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour (EFPKT).

North Kent delivered superb 15-25 during weekend allowing a stunning display of freestyle trickery by all competitors, including top World Tour Riders Andy 'Bubble' Chambers and Adam 'Ginge' Sims.

Side/offshore winds, produced relatively flat conditions on the inside, but some very challenging and confused 'whitstable chop' on the outside - some big moves going down close to the promenade created a great atmosphere on the beach for spectators and competitors alike.

In the Pros, Bubble (JP/Neilpryde) put on an impressive display of consistent power moves to take a convincing first place. Adam Sims (RRD) and John Palmer (Juice/Serverne) both put on an impressive show, with Sims narrowly beating Palmer to second due to his more consistent sailing in the lighter day 1 conditions. Will Rogers (RRD/Chinook/KBAY) went into day 2 in third place in front of Palmer, but couldn’t match John's performance on day 2 finishing in fourth overall.

The Amateurs sailed in the Pros competition rounds to give them the best experience. Nick Bentley (K3d) showed the best consistency of spocks, flakas and forwards to take the top spot, new faces to the tour Richard Van Aken and Steve Thorne (Wet'nDry Boardsports) both fought hard for 2nd place, but eventually Van Aken took the lead.

In the EFPKT fleets, Tim Ruyssenaars and Oscar Carmicheal had a close battle for the top of the podium in the under 17’s, both throwing some big Culos in an impressive show. In the end, Ruyssenaars took first, with Carmicheal in second.

Chasing hard in third was Josh Sparks. The Under 20’s saw UKWA regulars Sam Conroy and Alex Mitchell having a close battle with Conroy taking the glory. The under 15 fleet showed incredible windsurfing talent, with 11 year old West Kirby local Ike Bradley Baker taking the win over Harry Davis.

In the Expression Session, there was an incredible display of some of the latest moves including Culos, Burners, Konos, and double spocks. The competitions was won by Sims for a really high Matador, in the Pros. Tim Russenaars won for a great shaka, in the Youths, and Josh Sparks for an awesome forward in the Juniors.