Simeon Ivanov wins the 2010 Gökçeada Crazy Island Open

September 18, 2010 | Windsurfing

Naish Goes East: remember to sail East, only

More than 40 windsurfers gathered for the Gökçeada Crazy Island Open, a part of the Naish Goes East Series.

Tom Hartmann (judging) and Sedat Chilenk (Turkish Kiteboarding champion) were the top stars of the event.

In the first 3-mile kite race, the best was Chilenk Sedat (Turkey), followed by last year winner Krassimir Kartalov (Bulgaria) and Zhecho Mavrodinov.

The remaining competitions were held in great wind conditions.

The best riders won some nice prizes from Naish like a sail and a kiteboard.

“It was a really nice event and everybody was pretty happy after 4 days of non-stop action”, concluded Tom Hartmann.

After all races winners in the final standings rank as follows:

1. Simeon Ivanov
2. Dejan Gospodinov
3. Emil Kaykamdzhozov

1. Sedat Chilenk
2. Zhecho Mavrodinov
3. Kerem gudgeon

Full standings:

Windsurfing Overall

1 Simeon Ivanov BUL
2 Gospodinov Dejan BUL
3 Emil Kaykamdzhozov BUL
4 Ilkdzhan Celik TUR
5 Ivan Gospodinov BUL
6 Tsvetomir Todorov BUL
7 Nikolay BUL Armenkov
8 Ilian Ivanov BUL
9 Krassimir Todorov BUL
10 Dimitar Dimitrov BUL
11 Cheshirov Ivo BUL
12 Emil Tzolov BUL
13 Anton Sarkev BUL
14 Stefan Dimitrov BUL
15 Stefan Dobriyanov BUL
16 Victor Slavov BUL
17 Liliana Kaykamdzhozova BUL
18 Valentin Ivanov BUL
19 Andrean Angelov BUL

Windsurfing Slalom

1 Kaykamdzhozov Emil BUL 4
2 Tsvetomir Todorov BUL 11
3 Gospodinov Dejan BUL
4 Simeon Ivanov BUL
5 Ivan Gospodinov BUL
6 Krassimir Todorov BUL
7 Ilkdzhan Celik TUR
8 Dimitar Dimitrov BUL
9 Cheshirov Ivo BUL
10 Emil Tzolov BUL
11 Anton Sarkev
12 Ilian Ivanov
13 Stefan Dobriyanov
14 Nikolay Armenkov
15 Victor Slavov
16 Liliana Kaykamdzhozova
17 Valentin Ivanov
18 Andrean Angelov

Windsurf Freestyle

1 Simeon Ivanov
2 Dejan Gospodinov
3 Ilkdzhan Celik
4 Nikolay Armenkov
5 Stefan Dimitrov
Ivan Gospodinov
Ilian Ivanov

Windsurfing Slalom (Children)

Martin 1 - (15 years)
Kamen 2 - (9 years)
3 Veronika (11 years)
Victoria 4
5 Martin

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