Simmer Style announces new set of sails for 2011

July 20, 2010 | Windsurfing

Klaas Voget: seems to be enjoying the new Simmer sails...

Simmer Sails has announced the collection of wave sails for the year 2011.

The windsurfing company has added a few upgrades to the design and technical approach of the gear.

Here are the most relevant issues:

For 2011 we have reduced the weight above the stretch control tendon with approximately 10-15% all through the range. We have done this by using a lighter laminated film with multi directional fibres, laminated in four directions between a super thin and light scrim, it’s called Q-PLY. Furthermore all 2011 sails have a more compact top outline and have been updated with reduced diameter battens on the upper battens. All these design features combined provide a sail which feels lighter in your hands and is more responsive.

We have employed the use of a reduced batten diameter, from 8.5 mm to 7.0 mm on the top batten. A part from reducing the swing weight this also as promotes a more energetic twist hence a livelier sail character.

All 2011 Simmer wavesails have a more compact sail outline, this generates a more radical handling, better suited for the new boards, such as quadfins and twinsers with more rocker and a compact outline. To compensate the shorter luff, the two upper battens are positioned with a steeper angle, and as a result of this each sail has less surface in between the top batten and the luff. This effectively releases tension on top 1/3 of the mast, generating a far more livelier character.

The softer nature of the new Q-PLY provides a smoother twist while the Stretch Control System secures the shape in the bottom half of the sail. Considering that the stability and power of the sail in located in the bottom of the sail and the manoeuvrability in the top part of the sail, it is very beneficial to use a lighter material in upper half to create a sail with a lighter feel and better manoeuvrability.

We have introduced a new wider spaced X-Ply in the main body panels on ICON, for better visibility. Its is also 20% lighter than the X-Ply seen previously on the ICON.

Tested and developed together with Klaas Voget, we are proud to present the four batten BLACKTIP. This will be the weapon of choice for Klaas Voget on the PWA tour this year.

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