Simon Cofield clinches the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week

October 25, 2016 | Windsurfing
Simon Cofield: winner of the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week | Photo: WSW

Simon Cofield was the fastest sailor at the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week, in the Isle of Portland, in England.

The windsurfer from Poole, Dorset, completed the seven-day speed sailing competition with an average speed over 500 meters of 31.368 knots.

Cofield not only won the event, but he also managed to finish ahead of the fastest kiteboarder, David Williams, who had 28.541 knots on his GPS tracker.

Zara Davis was the fastest woman of the 2016 edition. The speed windsurfer finished with 28.234 knots, and got a very respectable result with an 11th position among 74 competitors.

"I had a great time, and I'm super pleased to have won the Weymouth Speed Week and the UKWA Speed Championships. We had tough conditions due to the easterly winds all week, which meant the course was in the middle of the harbor," said Davis.

Scotty Stallman was the fastest in the Youth Fleet with 22.753 knots.

"Congratulations to all of the other junior competitors that competed in some really marginal winds on both days. It was two days hard racing in the northeasterly for everyone, with the foiling kites really flying upwind!" added Stallman.

The oldest and longest-running speed sailing competition in the world has been up and running since 1972. The Weymouth Speed Week is open to all wind-powered crafts, and the event's record still belongs to Anders Bringdal - 38.48 knots set in 2008.

2016 Weymouth Speed Week | Top 15

1. Simon Cofield, 31.368 knots
2. Kevin Greenslade, 30.627 knots
3. Patrick Van Hoof, 30.491 knots
4. Jim Crossley, 29.834 knots
5. Leigh Kingaby, 29.808 knots
6. Simon Pettifer, 29.575 knots
7. Anders Bjorkqvist, 28.748 knots
8. Nick Beaney, 28.738 knots
9. David Williams, 28.541 knots
10. John Oliver, 28.491 knots
11. Zara Davis, 28.234 knots
12. Grant Cottrell, 28.208 knots
13. Dave White, 27.995 knots
14. Garry Connell, 27.888 knots
15. James Battye, 27.685 knots

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