Riccardo Marca: acting fast before the wind dies down in Norway | Photo: Adam Sims

Adam Sims, Alina Shalin, and Riccardo Marca went on a surf trip to Norway. And they say it's been worth it.

When everyone was heading south, the trio packed their gear and traveled north to the Arctic Circle, where the sun is low in the sky, and the water temperatures are not inviting.

The adventurers visited Gladstad and Bodo before exploring the sailing and wave-riding potential of the Lofoten archipelago, a region where they found an active surfing community.

Sims, Shalin, and Marca had a few windless days, but they brought alternative toys like surfboards, skateboards, stand-up paddleboards, kiting equipment, and a winch to keep busy.

"Conditions were actually changing every day. It was really hard to predict wind, waves, and weather as well. Proper sunlight during the day was around an hour," explains Riccardo Marca.

After 6,000 kilometers of driving, dozens of ferry trips, and thick layers of winter clothes, the team returned home and produced "As Far As We Can," a video that unveils their exploration across stunning Nordic natural landscapes.

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