Speed obsession drives the new Racing Blade sails

October 22, 2012 | Windsurfing
Racing Blade: Loftsails' obsession with speed

Speed is the only obsession of the new Racing Blade sails by Loftsails. The 2013 collection promises an ultra competitive design for Slalom and Speed windsurfing.

Loftsails has created a new set of Racing Blade sails that result in a lighter, smoother, more aerodynamically reactive leech. The Internal Batten Tensioner System (ITS) moves the tensioning assemblies forward, behind the mast, for improved rig inertia.

"The work to develop our new race designs has produced fruit. Many generations were created, tested, modified, tested. Ben and Joss worked as a pair for our Racing Blade 2013 development, both top 10 PWA riders - a perfect development cell", explains Monty Spindler.

"I had my chance to contrast directly our 2012 Racing Blade and the new 2013 earlier this week. The difference is clear. Our 13s are lighter in the hands, easier in navigation, more stable and with less tendency to tail-walk in the upper end, and generally faster".

The 2013 Racing Blade designs are include internal kevlar strip applications to define shape profiles and maintain stability, alternate side batten pocket applications with Xply pockets and 100% carbon battens in specific locations.

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