Speed windsurfers prepare European Tour

February 11, 2011 | Windsurfing

Speed windsurfing: beat Antoine Albeau, if you dare

The 2011 European Speed Windsurfing Championship Tour will have new rules. The fastest windsurfer of the old continent will be decided from the results achieved in the national events. The criteria for the Tour also defines that the best of three results will count for the ranking and, if a tie exists, the rider's fastest speed will decide.

All events will count as a factor of one, additional prize money and timing systems will be used by organizers to encourage higher profile sailors and before an event is accepted as a counting round of the Tour, the local organizer must agree to accept minimum standards of speed competition.

The 2011 European Speed Windsurfing Championship Tour minimum standards are: a fixed course over a minimum distance of 250 metres with starting gates; accurate timing system, Navi GPS and GPS results Pro as minimum standard; minimum speed of 28 knots achieved, at least 3 times, by 20% of the whole fleet, to qualify as a counting round; event to run for a minimum of five days on a fixed date.

Also there should be a minimum of two-month notice of event, with published NOR and confirmation of entry by organizers, one month before. Competitors have to be fully paid up members of the ISWC to get a European tour championship ranking. This does not exclude them from their national championship, as long as they are members of their national association.

There should be an offshore course, wherever possible. It should include a Junior Fleet, where ever possible and should be encouraged a festival style, with clinics, if possible. The countries that have agreed so far to the standards and wish to take part are Belgium, Sweden, UK and Germany.

Invitations have been sent to Spain, France, Austria, Holland and Ireland who have shown an interest in being included. European riders, who wish their nation to be included, please contact your national speed championship organizers and ask them to contact us.

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