Steve Allen steals the 2013 Downunder Pro

February 5, 2013 | Windsurfing
Steve Allen: victory at Hawks Nest

Steve Allen has been crowned winner of the 2013 Downunder Pro, with no valid races on the last day of competition due to super strong wind gusts, at Hawk's Nest, Australia.

Allen, who also won the Oceanic and Australian titles, finished ahead of Jesper Vesterstrom, from Denmark, and Wilhelm Schurmann from Brazil.

There were 47 windsurfers battling for the best places. It was the first time Allen wins the Australian title, since claiming it in 2008.

"Stoked to be back in Australia starting the year on such a roll. My new gear is working insane, I literally rigged up new sails and won straight on them. This is the first time I've raced in Hawk's Nest", says Steve Allen.

Defending Australian champion Sean O'Brien finished fourth, behind Schurmann. He dug deep and managed to beat his Brazilian rival in three out of fice races, before discovering he was disqualified for an early start in Race 3,

"Despite not getting a chance to pick at Wilhelm today, I'm pretty happy with the result. In all the years Wilhelm has raced here, that's the first time I've managed to consistently be able to beat him around the course, so that was a really cool feeling", says Sean O'Brien.

Downunder Pro 2013 | Final Standings

1. Steve Allen (Severne/Starboard)
2. Jesper Vesterstrøm (Gaastra/Gaastra)
3. Wilhelm Schurmann (Neilpryde/Starboard)
4. Sean O'Brien (Severne/Starboard)
5. Christian Justesen (Neilpryde/JP)

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