Steve Allen wins the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013

January 14, 2013 | Windsurfing
Steve Allen: veni, vidi, vici

Steve Allen has conquered the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013. The famous Australian windsurfing marathon attracted a large fleet and strong, contestable winds.

At 8am, windsurfers started to arrived at the beach, in Western Australia, to prepare all gear and make the final adjustments to the boards and sails.

Interestingly, Bjorn Dunkerbeck was helping windsurfers out with their sails and getting involved with all competitors, in the sand.

Sailors were preparing to use big sails on the course when in standard Lancelin Ocean Classic style, at midday, the winds came in SSW and built up to 24 knots just before the race.

Pete, Steve, Bjorn and Jesper tightly fought for glory the whole race. Dunkerbeck had a bad start to the race, but did a great work in a 8.6 sail that was battling increasing winds. The third place tasted gold.

"It was a tight course, Pete was ahead for the first couple of turns, I passed him before the third but was getting fatigued, so I lost it back to him until the last turn, when I just went for it", said Steve Allen, after winning the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013.

Allen finished the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013 24 minutes and 45 seconds. Peter Volwater stood in second place, with 25 minutes. Bjorn Dunkerbeck completed the race in 25 minutes and 30 seconds. German Gunner Asmussen was forth and Jesper Orth took fifth place.

Karen Jaggi was again the Women's champion by completing the course in 29 minutes and 40 seconds. Second place went to Justyna Sniady and June Hill was third.