Steve Gottlieb wins the 2009 Miami Pro Am

December 3, 2009 | Windsurfing

Miami Pro Am 2009

Racing started on Saturday with light and extremely shifty winds. The course had to be adjusted multiple times and it never was quite right, but the Kona crowd never complained much.

Four races were completed in the afternoon and the very competitive group took it to the protest committee for one race. Bruce “the Legend” Matlack lost out to Mike “Kona Man” Rayl and it cost him dearly.

Sunday looked like there was a chance for the Formula sailors to get a few races in, but they did not make it out to the course before the wind backed off.

One race was attempted, but the wind fizzled before half the fleet made it to the windward mark. Thanks to Fernando and Martin, we did get a peek at the new Patrick Diethelm Formula board though. The Movie Star was out there showing off his new Starboard and 2010 KA as well.

3 more races were completed for the Kona’s and the top 3 in the men’s fleet remained the same as the day before.

Steve Gottlieb took home first overall, and first in the men’s fleet, with Mike Rayl second and Bruce “I don’t keep no stinking bronze medal” Matlack in third.

In the juniors it was Kevin Hendrickson 1st, Christopher Waldo 2nd, and Margot Samson in 3rd.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and to the US Sailing Center Miami for being our host. Alex and Simona as always put in a big efffort to have a great event in Miami.

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