Steve Gottlieb wins the second Kona Series Race in Florida

December 15, 2009 | Windsurfing

2nd Kona Series Race

What a great race! 7 Kona sailors showed up for 3 races in gusty winds from 5-15. We raced across the river at the Eau Gallie Causeway from 11 to 4.

The site is great with the restaurant Squid Lips having access to the water and food and refreshments right there.

Each race finished at the restaurant. Surf Mama paid for lunch in between races and some stayed for happy hour at the restaurant. Thanks to Sandy Point for making extra Konas for racers.

Two Formula racers were there from Miami for support and sailing while we raced.

This site is great and has potential for future events, so stop by the new race site to show your support and let them know you appreciate their support.


1st Steve Gottlieb
2nd Chris Waldo
3rd Beth Winkler
4th Doug Waldo
5th Mike Rayl
6th Steve Campbell
7th Cody Steward
8th Linda Campbell

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