Steven van Broeckhoven is the 2013 European Tow-In Windsurfing champion

May 2, 2013 | Windsurfing
Steven van Broeckhoven: night euphoria

Steven van Broeckhoven has won the 2013 Chiemsee European Tow-In Championship, at Podersdorf, Austria.

After three qualification rounds, the top 10 battled for glory, in the night finals. When the first rider got towed into the floodlit scene, the crowd went crazy.

Waiting for high air moves and a lot of combinations, the riders played it safe in the first round, trying to go for single moves like Burners or Funnells, instead of the usual combos.

Even though Björn Saragoza had troubles in both of his runs, he managed to pull out a perfect Air Funnell One Handed into Funnell. With 46.5 points, he eventually claimed third place, in the European Tow-In Championship 2013.

A Triple Funnell attempt, a perfect Air Funnell into Burner, all in the air, got Steven van Broeckhoven in the final against Jose "Gollito" Estredo.

Even though the Venezuelan didn't train tow-in too much, he still pulled out some sick tricks. His first, a Burner into Funnell Diabolo, which he couldn't quite pull off, scored 41.5 points. His second trick, a Burner into Burner, was honored with the highest score of the whole event: 50.5 points.

Gollito was eventually the winner of the event, however with Steven placing as the highest European rider he ended up taking the official European Tow-In Championships title, for the second time over.