Stubby TE: is that a nose or a tail?

Fanatic says it's the best-kept secret in the windsurfing scene. Meet the new Stubby TE, a whole new concept, an exciting and strange new windsurf board.

The Stubby TE is the result of a fight against the standards of board design. Who said noses can't be square? Why can't you get a wide double diamond tail on a windsurf board?

"We decided to evolve this project secretly and unleash it as a nice surprise for the scene. Stepping on the Stubby for the first time eliminates any doubts in an instant and refreshes your perspective on board design," explains Fanatic.

"It doesn't matter in which conditions you feel at home, if waist high cross-onshore or mast high and side-shore: If you're looking for something new – a package of pure fun and motivation - you have to try the Stubby!"

The brand says the new parallel rails concept with a super compact length "surprises with speed, planing stability and ease of use." Both sizes - 77 and 88 - combine speed and stability with loose turning and minimized swing weight.

The unusual Fanatic Stubby TE features wide tail and nose sections, a narrow centre of the board and reduced drag. When the longer effective rail line comes into play, the board gives you a new sensation of stability in the bottom turn, while the stance far back on the wide tail allows for fast and tight reactions and turns.

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