Sylvain Demercastel releases "The Legacy" windsurf story

March 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
The Legacy: still waiting for the wind to pick up

Sylvain Demercastel is a busy man. Having released his first independent film in 2008, he has been building a name in the growing windsurf movie industry.

Windsurf movies are different from surf movies. The drive is slightly parallel and wind is the key to a great session. Demercastel, a windsurfer himself, has blended both worlds into a unique personal style.

"The Legacy" is a short and beautiful windsurf story about the evolution of windsurfing in the mind of long-time windsurfers, from the early ages to the experience zone.

Demercastel show us what is currently considered the "new Hawaii". Moulay, located in Bouzerktoun, Morocco, is windy and peaceful enough to attract the world's best wave windsurfers.

"The Legacy" introduces us to the local hospitality, the windsurfing conditions and to the overall spirit of traveling windsurfing, in search of the perfect wind speed and direction.

Sylvain Demercastel might still be constructing a name in the cloud, but his full-length windsurf movie "Planet Blow - The Dark Lines" is definitely the best ID card he could get for himself.

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