Taranaki will crown the best Kiwi wave windsurfers

February 24, 2012 | Windsurfing
Taranaki: the god of windsurfers live here

The Taranaki Windsurf Club, with the help of Carbon Art, Rodgers Dental and Windsurfing NZ, has announced the 2012 New Zealand Wave Nationals.

The 2012 Wavesailing Nationals will be held in Taranaki, during the Easter long weekend, from 6th-9th April. The event counts for the national-ranking and it is a man-on-man wave sailing contest run on the Taranaki coast.

Seven different coastal locations will serve as the venue and the outcome will be the crowning of a New Zealand Wave Champion. The double elimination format will be used to maximise contestants' time on the water.

"We had great conditions in 2011. Solid swell, wind and a really fun event. It was great to see new faces and to see people pushing their limits.", said Chris La Franchie.

Conditions were great for the Carbon Art & Rodgers Dental Studio 2011 New Zealand Wavesailing Nationals. The competitors were friendly and the atmosphere was best described by a visiting English windsurfer. "It's great, it's so relaxed, this is the way windsurfing competitions should be...".

The rules are simple. If conditions allow, it will be run a double elimination format. Every sailor sails minimum of two heats. Paul Barron is currently defending his 2011 New Zealand Wavesailing title.

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