Tasmania is ready for the Red Bull Storm Chase

August 16, 2013 | Windsurfing
The Red Bull Storm Chase

The Red Bull Storm Chase is traveling to Tasmania for the second stop of the extreme windsurfing challenge.

Since the recent restart of the standby period for Red Bull Storm Chase, the infamous "Roaring Forties" - the area around the 40th latitude in the southern hemisphere - have begun to show their potential.

The island south of Australia is a very unique destination, with a lot of suitable spots to host the battle of man vs. man vs. nature, along the wild coastline in the region of Marrawah, on Tassie's west coast.

Due to the extensive westerly fetch the waves here get absolutely massive, breaking across a vast selection of reefs and beaches.

Lighthouse, Bol and Greens Beach are the spot options for the Mission 2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase. The forecast is continuously on track and stable.

There are six windsurfers ready to battle the Tasmanian waves. Victor Fernandez, Julien Taboulet, Marcilio Browne, Thomas Traversa, Leon Jamaer and Daniel Bruch.