Taty Frans: he won three Caribbean events in 2019 | Photo: Ayupic

The 2019 Défi Wind Caribbean, Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge and Sorobon Masters and wrapped up in Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean.

The event was organized by the Défi Wind founder, Philippe Bru, and windsurf legend, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, with the help of Sorobon Beach Resort and Dunkerbeck Pro Center.

The combined events had 36 competitors from 16 countries. Bonaire triumphed in all categories.

The overall winner of Défi Wind Caribbean and Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge was Taty Frans.

The Sorobon Masters saw increased participation of youth and rookies from Bonaire, which was a celebrated moment, as the event strives to spark a competitive passion for windsurfing.

Défi Wind Caribbean

The Défi Wind Caribbean 2019 was a small event with a fantastic atmosphere, as everyone enjoyed the warm and beautiful blue waters and strong, steady winds that varied from 15 to 25 knots throughout the four days.

In total, there were ten races, with two being canceled. Each day finished with fun happy hours and great dinners on-site or at the Sorobon Beach Resort.

The locations for the starting point were Te Amo Beach, Pink Beach, and Sorobon lagoon.

Défi Wind Caribbean: windsurfing in the warm and beautiful blue waters of Bonaire | Photo: Défi Wind Caribbean

In the first three days, riders were windsurfing in the open waters of Bonaire. The longest race was 35 kilometers from Pink Beach to No Name Beach, in Klein Bonaire.

With the extra help from Stinapa Bonaire National Parks Foundation, the 4th Défi Wind Caribbean was a success.

The overall winner of the event was Taty Frans, who won nine out of ten races, with one disqualification.

He earned a trip to Défi Wind Miyako 2020, in Japan, as well as a full paid invitation to the Luderitz Speed Challenge with partial flight coverage.

The second overall was Aron Etmon, and third place went to Twan Verseput.

The winner of the women's category was Alyssa Wijnand, with Satomi Suzuki and Mathilde Zampieri taking second and third places, respectively.

In the Under 16 category, the winner was Patrick Son; Luca Davidsson was second Sjoerd de Koningh got third.

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge was held in the Sorobon Lagoon. On the last day, the competition was canceled due to unfavorable wind conditions.

Throughout the speed sailing event, competitors tried to achieve the highest possible speed in the lagoon using a GPS tracking app.

Speed records were followed online and challenged by other windsurfers worldwide.

The winner of the on-location speed challenge was Taty Frans. Windsurf legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck finished runner-up, and third place went to Twan Verseput.

The winner of the women's division was Monique Meijer; the Youth winner was Luca Davidsson.

Sorobon Masters

The Sorobon Masters, a competition for helping the youth of Bonaire become accustomed to competitive windsurfing and testing their skills challenged competitors in two categories: freestyle and slalom.

It was held in the Sorobon Lagoon, and the freestyle winner was Youp Schmit, followed by Taty Frans and Aron Etmon. The freestyle youth champion was Patrick Son.

In slalom, Taty Frans was once again unbeatable, with Twan Verseput and Aron Etmon finishing behind him.

The slalom youth champion was Patrick Son, who usually only competed in the freestyle category. The competition had an Under 9 division with five great and enthusiastic participants.

2019 Défi Wind Caribbean | Top 3

1. Taty Frans (BON)
2. Aron Etmon (CUR)
3. Twan Verseput (NED)

1. Alyssa Wijnand (BON)
2. Satomi Suzuki (JP)
3. Mathilde Zampieri (PF)

Under 16
1. Patrick Son (BON)
2. Luca Davidsson (JP)
3. Sjoerd de Koningh (PF)

2019 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge | Top 3

1. Taty Frans (BON)
2. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (ESP)
3. Twan Verseput (NED)

1. Monique Meijer (BON)
2. Alyssa Wijnand (BON)
3. Lieke Methorst (BON)

1. Luca Davidsson (BON)
2. Bimbi Clappers (BON)
3. Patrick Son (BON)

2019 Sorobon Masters | Top 3

Slalom Men
1. Taty Frans (BON)
2. Aron Etmon (CUR)
3. Twan Verseput (NED)

Freestyle Men
1. Youp Schmit (BON)
2. Taty Frans (BON)
3. Aron Etmon (CUR)

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