Alexandros Kalpogiannakis: the Greek windsurfer won the the 2019 Techno 293 Plus World Championships | Photo: Techno 293

Alexandros Kalpogiannakis and Enora Tanne have taken out the 2019 Techno 293 Plus World Championships in Praia da Rocha, Portimao, Portugal.

The event got underway in the sunny and warm Algarve region, where Atlantic winds and swells sweep in across breathtaking white sand beaches.

The men's competition was entirely dominated by a young Greek sailor. Kalpogiannakis stormed the regatta field by winning nearly all races.

"I am the world champion and won the triple crown of the Techno 293 class.

The best way to leave this category is with 13 bullets and two discards out of 15 races," expressed Kalpogiannakis.

In the women's division, it was Enora Tanne who raised the world title trophy. The French sailor was able to control her opponents' races and won ten of the 15 bullets on offer.

Techno 293 Plus is a windsurfing class recognized by World Sailing.

It features four categories (Under 19 Boys and Girls and Open Men and Women) and allows the use of larger fins and bigger sails.

2019 Techno 293 Plus World Championships | Top 3

Open Men
1. Alexandros Kalpogiannakis (GRE)
2. Ioannis Karvouniaris (GRE)
3. Grae Morris (AUS)

Open Women
1. Enora Tanne (FRA)
2. Kaneko Natsumi (JAP)
3. Laura Pontes (POR)

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