The 2009 Allegro Cup starts in Leba

July 30, 2009 | Windsurfing

Allegro Cup

At 11.00 about 120 windsurfers will start racing while at beach B in Łeba competitions and attractions will be organised for kinds and grown-ups.

Weather is perfect both for surfers and holidaymakers. Lots of sun, cloudless sky and the wind blowing from the beach reaches 11 – 14 knots.

Competitors, divided into 2 groups, will start racing at 11.00. The blue fleet will appear at the start line first. If the weather conditions are still as good, women and the yellow fleet will start their races.

As the judges’ expected, another surfers enrolled on the list. 30 minutes before the start there were 118 competitors registered: 106 men and 12 women from all over the world. Allegro Cup held on the Baltic Sea will feature windsurfers representing all the continents both from chilly Norway and hot Brazil.

The sport event is accompanied with attractions organized on the beach. We invite you to beach B in Łeba. Sun and Brazilian rhythms are making the place a really hot one.

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