The 2010 UK National Windsurfing Week will be bigger and better

February 2, 2010 | Windsurfing

UK National Windsurfing Week | Photo: Simon Crowthier

It’s ‘all systems go’ for National Windsurfing Week 2010. This year we are starting preparations much earlier and the initiative will be amply supported by the RYA and UK Windsurfing Press.

As before, our goal is to create a substantial list of windsurfing based events throughout the UK and to promote the fun of windsurfing to the general public.

With eleven months to go and five events already in the calendar, National Windsurfing Week 2010 is set to be bigger and better than before and we want everyone to get involved to make a difference.

The last two campaigns have included everything from free windsurfing taster sessions, to a premier big screen viewing of “The Windsurfing Movie” in Leicester Square, London. Meanwhile, Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research has raised thousands of pounds and encouraged mass participation by existing windsurfers.

There has been TV footage, double spread BBC magazine articles, national broadsheet coverage, live local radio features and lots of local newspaper mentions (not to mention website listings, just try Googling “National Windsurfing Week”)

In 2010 we want to increase the number of events held, increase participation at these events and increase windsurfing’s exposure to the general public.

National Windsurfing Week is a perfect example of how people working together towards a common goal can make a big difference.

National Windsurfing Week 1st - 9th May 2010

Do a little or do a lot; it can all make a difference!

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