2011 Fuerteventura Wave Classic hits the Canary Islands

January 17, 2011 | Windsurfing
Fuerteventura Wave Classic: the island of the wind

The best windsurfers in the world are getting ready for the 2011 Fuerteventura Wave Classic, to kick off on the 8th February, at the North Shore of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

The spectacular wind of this Spanish island will pump the nerves of 22 participants from five different countries, plus five local riders.

"For this year we are lucky again and some of the best wave sailors in the world will attend the event, both men, women and a couple of young promises with a lot of talent. Big waves, down the line surfing in glassy waves, radical aerials, strong wind - everything can happen on the same day, " says Orlando Lavandera, the organizer.

The format of the event will be a bit different compared to the previous years. The riders will continue to judge themselves, but the ranking will be individual, to have a male and female "Fuerteventura Wave Classic Champion 2011".

The event still keeps its mobile structure to be ready to attack the different spots every day depending on the conditions, to be able to catch the biggest waves and best conditions.

All the spots are lined up along the north and northeast of Fuerteventura and the most known possible spots are: Glass Beach, Rocky Point, Mejilones, Majanicho, Punta Blanca, El Cotillo.

Every morning, after a spot-check, the organizer and riders will decide about the best option for the event.

The 2011 Fuerteventura Wave Classic promises great surprises, brand new windsurfing gear giveaways.

The entry list has the following windsurfers:

Alex Mussolini (E-30)
Alice Arutkin (FRA-111)
Daida Ruano Moreno (E-64)
Daniel "Dany" Bruch (G-1181)
Nayra Alonso (E-4)
Dario Ojeda (E-211)
Eleazar Alonso (E-41)
Iballa Ruano Moreno (E-63)
JB Jean-Baptiste Caste (FRA)
Steffi Wahl (G-303)
Thomas Traversa (F-3)
Jonas Ceballos (E-40)
Justin Denel (FRA-541)
Jules Denel (FRA-41)
Mikey Clancy (IR-253)
Fanny Aubet (FRA-809)
Tom Hartmann (AUT-44)

Local Riders

Nicole Boronat
Will Ward
Stepane Etienne
Jaume Coll
Shannon Bohny