Speed windsurfing: the 50 knots club

Anders Bringdal is the founder of the 50 knots speed windsurfing club. Meet who's hitting the historical mark, since it was broken on the 13th November 2012.

Fifty knots mean 92.6 kilometers per hour, powered by wind. Windsurfers are speeding up in the raceways and taking the sport to the future.

The 50 knots speed windsurfing club is a restricted circle, an elitist society of windsurfers who understand that fine-tuning and detail are crucial to sailing faster over 500 meters.

Antoine Albeau hold the world speed windsurfing record with a registered mark of 52.05 knots (96.39 km/h) set during the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

The 50 knots Speed Windsurfing Club Members

1. Antoine Albeau | 52.05 knots | 96.39 km/h
2. Anders Bringdal | 51.45 knots | 95.08 km/h
3. Jurjen Van der Noord | 51.26 knots | 94.85 km/h
4. Bjorn Dunkerbeck | 51.09 knots | 94.61 km/h
5. Patrik Diethelm | 50.49 knots | 93.50 km/h
6. Nick Vardalachos | 50.43 knots | 93.39 km/h
7. Cédric Bordes | 50.17 knots | 92.91 km/h

Learn how to fine-tune slalom sails for speed windsurfing.

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