Boujmaa Guilloul: wave and freestyle master | Photo: PWA/Carter

Freestyle is one of the most popular disciplines in windsurfing. Several moves, tricks, and impossible maneuvers have been invented in the past decades.

The most experienced windsurfers are always trying to control the sail, the mast, the board, and the wind in incredible ways.

The hardcore tricks can be performed in big wave conditions or flat, glassy lakes.

Freestyle windsurfing is rapidly growing, and there are a growing number of top-class wind riders competing in the Professional Windsurfing Association's (PWA) World Tour.

The windsurf wizards can even show off indoors in specially designed surf pools. Mastering freestyle techniques requires hard training, painful crashes, and dangerous wipeouts.

There are beautiful windsurf tricks named after creative brainstorms, from "A" to "Z." selected the best windsurf moves from the best freestyle riders in the world.

In "Aerial" mode (Ricardo Campello), "Airbob" style (Kiri Thode), "Airflaka" (Daniel Mende), and "Backloop" heaven (Alex Mussolini), there's plenty of radical action and energy.

Have you seen a "Burner into Burner" and a "Culo 540" pulled by Steven Van Broeckhoven or a "Double Flaka" by Remko De Zeeuw?

Victor Fernández, an experienced windsurfer, likes to "Double Forward," just like Kiri Thode shows off his "Double Funnel" quality turn.

The "E-Slider" is brought to you by Vladimir Morozov, while the windsurf star Kauli Seadi enjoys a "Flaka No Handed."

Philip Koster, another big name in the windsurfing world, takes "Forward Loop" to another dimension.

If you prefer the "Funnel" by Julien Mas, do not forget to copy/paste the "Kabikuchi" by Davy Scheffers in your free time.

The "Kono" is impressive if pulled by Phil Richards, and the famous "Puneta" might be learned from Jay Wiemar.

Watch the "Pushloop" by Graham Ezzy and then a "Shaka" by Ben Proffitt.

There are dozens of windsurfing moves.

"Shove It" with Wyatt Miller and try a "Skopu" as Philip Soltysiak has done it.

"Spock One-Handed" by Maxime van Gent should be praised, but the "Switch Chacho" is also great and difficult, as pulled off by Valentin Boeckler.

The best freestyle windsurf moves couldn't be completed without a "Switch Chacho" by Valentin Boeckler and the "Toad" by Nick Van Ingen.

Boujmaa Guilloul tries the "Triple Loop," and we end up with an incredible "Wave 360" by the outstanding windsurfer Jason Polakow from Australia.

Watch these perfectly pulled windsurf tricks.

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