The Flens Surf Cup 2010 heats up Sylt

July 4, 2010 | Windsurfing

Flens Surf Cup: ich bin ein windsurfer

The Flens Surf Cup 2010 in Westerland on Sylt will be the final event of the German Championships, held from July 21st to 25th.

Like all events of the national German series "Deutscher Windsurf Cup" the regatta is open for competitors from foreign countries. You are not only allowed to participate but very welcome!

The Flens Surf Cup 2010 is by far the biggest national windsurfing event in Germany. You can expect over 100.000 spectators over the five days of the competition.

It is full on holiday season and Sylt is crowded with countless tourists who are ready to watch the windsurfers and to party.

The regatta on Sylt features the three disciplines Racing (Formula Windsurfing), Slalom (IFCA) and Wave-Freestyle (IFCA). It is up to you if you specialize on only one discipline or if you decide to participate in two or even all of them. Come to Sylt to challenge the national German windsurfing elite in its home waters!

But Sylt is not only great competition on the water. The Flens Surf Cup offers a fascinating program on the beach and on the promenade.

The parties in the evenings and during the night are insane. So be ready for a memorable experience!

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