The Florida Wave Challenge storms USA

September 17, 2010 | Windsurfing

Florida Wave Challenge: there's a friend ahead, be careful

The Florida Wave Challenge is a series of judged windsurfing events held on Florida's coasts when wind and waves allow. The next contest is to be determined on the first windy weekend day beginning November 6th, 2010.

There are three locations: Jetty Park (Port Canaveral), Beachside Park ("Picnic Tables", Patrick Air Force Base) and Cherie Down Beach Park (Cocoa Beach). 

The wavesailing contest will be a one day event on the first windy day of the days scheduled.

A decision to compete will be posted on this website the day before the event if the conditions are promising.

Entry will be limited to windsurfers. Although there is no limit to the number of contestants, the following format assumes less than 36 open class competitors.

If the wind on the morning of the event is sufficiently strong, we will begin heats immediately in the open class. The quantity of sailors per heat will be based on the number of entrants, but is anticipated to be six. The duration of the heat is expected to be 15 minutes.

The judging criteria will emphasize wave riding and jumping. Although flashy transitions will add to the overall impression, a good jump or wave ride will provide more points to the total score. The judges agree that the fundamental theme of this contest is the thrilling interaction between the windsurfer and an ocean wave.

Following the first round of heats, all open class competitors will be assigned a second round heat and will once again sail 15 minute heats. The sailors with the highest total scores from both heats will enter a single elimination semifinal and final.

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