The Florida Windfest Regatta is set to Merritt Island

April 14, 2010 | Windsurfing

Florida Windfest: wind, sails and tall buildings

The Florida Windfest regatta is coming up this weekend, April 17 & 18, at Kelly Park in Merritt Island. Calema Windsurfing and Sandy Point Progressive Sports are the hosts.

According to the Calema site, the first start on Saturday could occur as early as 11am. Anticipated racing classes are Kona One Design (contact Sandy Point Progressive Sports for charter information if you need, 386-756-7564), and Formula class.

This is a great regatta for new racers & occasional racers — geared to locals, at the best locale for racing in Fla., at the best time of year for wind in Fla. The usual plan for this regatta is to run course racing on Saturday, and a long distance race on Sunday.

The long distance is usually scored with two fleets — open class & Kona. Steve Gottlieb typically sets shorter courses for Kona, with some reaching.

If we get strong wind, Steve will usually switch gears and run slalom races, but know that most of the sailors will probably be on freeride type gear. So, bring everything!

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