Duo Windsurf Freeride: a half inflatable, half rigid windsurfing board | Photo: Duo Boards

Duo Boards has announced the launch of a half-inflatable, half-rigid windsurfing board.

The inventor of the world's first hard tail, inflatable stand-up paddleboard has decided to step up his game and came up with a new concept for the windsurfing market.

The Duo Windsurf Freeride boards combine the rigidity and stiffness of a traditional sailboard with the advantages and benefits of a portable inflatable windsurfer.

"One morning, drinking my coffee and looking at my hardboards and ­SUPs, and trying to decide the one to take to the beach, the idea suddenly came to me: if I could combine a fiberglass hardtail and an inflatable nose, it would be incredible!" explains Mat Pendle, the man behind Duo Boards.

"Before building the first board, I refined the idea by writing a patent and the potential folded out from paddle boards to windsurf boards and surfboards."

Pendle teamed up with Cesare Cantagalli from NoveNove, and the idea became a product.

The new Duo Windsurf Freeride range includes a 129-liter and 140-liter board. They feature foot straps and a powerbox integrated into the fiberglass section.

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