The heartbreaking "Magic Moments" of Andre Paskowski

October 16, 2012 | Windsurfing
Andre Paskowski: fighter and windsurf hero

"Magic Moments" is Andre Paskowski's windsurfing life statement as he battles cancer with passion, stoke and courage.

Prepare to get emotional. Andre Paskowski is a brave human being, a passionate windsurfer and an excellent filmmaker.

"Magic Moments" is a small pearl in which Jose Gollito Estredo and Paskowski inspire each other. The German sailor followed the Venezuelan's career in "Rewarded" and here, with a few tears, he explains the amazing feeling of windsurfing.

"'Magic Moments' isn't a farewell. It's my message to never give up fighting. No matter in what situation you are, you can always improve and not just turn back and say 'it's hopeless'", underlines Andre Paskowski.

The German rider will keep is fight against cancer and he will surely beat the disease to complete all professional and family dreams.

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