The Inlet To Inlet Distance Race will take place in Fort Lauderdale

December 3, 2009 | Windsurfing

Inlet To Inlet Distante Race

The race is in it's 7th year and the 4th year on the National Race Tour of US Windsurfing as the first race of 2009 as well as the US Windsurfing SE Series.

The i to i, (Inlet to Inlet Distance Race), will take place in Fort Lauderdale on South Beach either Saturday, December 5th, or Sunday, December 6th.

The day and race course will be determined according to the prevailing weather conditions, but the preferred course will be Fort Lauderdale South Beach Park to Port Everglades Inlet to the Hillsboro Inlet and back to South Beach Park.

The non-race day will be practice and tuning and won't score towards the event and is optional.

It's about 11.5 miles from inlet to inlet. Depending on the wind direction and strength it could take as little as an hour or quite a bit longer! The marks are far enough offshore that the race can and will be run if winds are offshore. As this is a bit of distance to cover and the possibility of breakdown, fatigue, or injury exists, combined with potential offshore winds, it is strongly encouraged that you carry a cell phone for emergency use.

There are secure waterproof bags for carrying cell phones that allow their use in the water without damage to the phone from seawater entry. Please don't take chances with your safety! Procure a case for your phone and bring it with to the race as there will not be chase boats or anyone but yourself looking after you.

With that said, the coast is pretty friendly up and back, and with the exception of most of Fort Lauderdale public beach and a small stretch of Pompano public beach, anywhere along the beach is a landing spot for a rest or adjustment if needed.

A map of the shoreline will be handed out with some landmarks you'll see from the water and distances marked from the start. If winds are light, or if there is interest in a shorter course from all or part of the entrants, that will considered as well on the day of the race.

Race rules: Be safe, have fun, try to finish, attempt to be first! Any board, any sail, any craft that can go the distance is welcome. What you start with, you must finish with, unless you come back to the start and re-start with other gear. We'll write down your sail number and home/cell phone number at the skipper's meeting.

Classes & Scoring: Class scoring offered for submission to US Windsurfing National Race Tour will be Formula, Hybrid, and Open. As this is a long distance race, a single start will be held with all sailboard classes to start at once. Scoring will be in order of finish, with qualifying classes to be scored as separate classes. For scores to be recognized for the US Windsurfing NRT a minimum of three participants is required to form a class score.

Prize(s): TBA

Entry Fee: None!! But you must bring a waterproof bag for your cell phone that you can use on/in the water during the race.

Race Time/Date: First possible race start Saturday, December 5, 2009, 9:00 am. It's a good idea to arrive early (7:30 am), to get an easy parking spot at South Beach City of Fort Lauderdale Lot, (Residents free with City Parking Card, $10 others for all day parking). There has been grass to rig on at the north end of the lot closest to our launch. Practice / fun sailing Saturday or Sunday depending on weather conditions. Possibility for guest lodging in homes of locals.

Location & Directions: The race start is on Fort Lauderdale South Beach Park just south of Las Olas Boulevard at the small boat launch area, "Hobie Beach".

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