The Irish Slalom Series introduce GPS race replays

March 4, 2010 | Windsurfing

GPS replays: watch windsurfer entering the pitlane for changing fins in slow motion

This year the Irish Slalom Series will feature a new exciting innovation. GPS technology has become a familair part of many windsurfers lives. Several sailors are regularly using handheld GPS units to record their speeds.

In 2010 the ISS is going to take this to the next level. Using GPS data gathered from each competitor the team will create replays of each race.

The replays will be shown during the events evening entertainment and also published to the web for later viewing.

The replays will be provided in conjunction with Slow Train Software who will be providing sponsorship and support of this exciting venture. Slow Train Software are a Dublin based software development consultancy with experience developing GPS solutions for yacht racing.

To create the replays they will be using the excellent TackTracker software developed in Australia. The most popular device used by windsurfers currently is the Locosys GT-31. As this unit is fully supported by the TackTracker software, this will be the preferred unit for the ISS.

The technology and availability of replays will increase the enjoyment factor of the racing. We forecast some interesting discussions both online and at the bar. To ensure you are involved in this exciting venture – get your hands on a GPS unit in time for Round 1 of the ISS. The Slowtrain team headed by our very own competitor Cormac O’Beirne is currently developing a fool proof set of instructions for the GPS units. In the mean time get your hands on a GT-31 asap.

In order to assist everyone in sourcing the correct GPS units, have come onboard to sponsor the initiative, and are the preferred supplier of GPS units to the Irish Slalom Series. also have an “all you need” GPS package featuring the GT-31, an Aquapac case, SD card and all the other bits you need to get started. Pearse Geaney of, who is also the current ISS champ commented "This is a great initiative that is keen to get behind.

The whole idea of the slalom series is to improve peoples windsurfing, get everybody out together, and put Ireland on the international map of windsurf racing. Use of the GPS unit’s have transformed speed sailing into an everyday event in recent years...using them on the slalom course will allow playback after the racing, but also help each individual racer to analyse his track, watch his position in the race and compare speeds! I can’t wait to give it a shot!"

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