The Mutant sail for progressive wave windsurfing

March 9, 2012 | Windsurfing
Mutant: the animal sail

MauiSails has announced the introduction of the "Mutant", the brand's most progressive wave sail. The new windsurf leaf has an ultra-low aspect ratio and a wind range previously unheard of in four-batten sails.

"Mutant" has been designed by Artur Szpunar and combines softness, light handling, and playful maneuverability with balanced power and stability. The iconic windsurf trademark promises another radical step in the evolution of high performance wave sailing on the latest board series.

"Our motivation for the first prototype was to test the shortest possible luff length that could be used for a 4.7, in the hopes it would help pull off cleaner wave 360’s by reducing rotational inertia and avoiding the dreaded ‘mast tip caught in the lip’ scenario", explains Szpunar.

"As it turned out, this first prototype not only possessed the desired maneuverability and clearance, but the very compact outline and low center of effort gave it tremendous wind range. We were planing early while remaining very balanced, light, and controllable even when seriously powered".

"Starting from the first radical effort, it took several re-cuts and new prototypes to get the tension and outline perfectly balanced, but the result is magic".

The structure is super technical materials for light weight and durability. Generous use of the ultra-light and strong Technora scrim in the upper sail body, bomber 5-mil X-Ply along the leech and foot, and an oversize optical X-ply window ensure maximum durability.

The Mutant theme has a long history at MauiSails, spanning back 30 years to the “Custom Genetic Mutation” T-shirts of the 80’s to some more recent art work and “dragon wing” sail concept drawings that Artur has been creating for the past 15 years.

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