The Pistol River Wave Bash will challenge 100 windsurfers in Oregon

February 24, 2010 | Windsurfing

2010 Pistol River Wave Bash: only 100 windsurfers will get the ticket to heaven

The Pistol River Wave Bash is coming to Oregon between June 17th-20th.

The wind tribe was so overdue for a gathering and where could be better than that notoriously windy stretch of beach at Pistol River?

The timing is epic as the third week in June provides an excellent window for catching classic wavesailing conditions on the south coast of Oregon. The sailing season is in full swing. The swells of Spring are still hitting. The tides are auspicious. It even ends up being the week before Windfest in the Gorge.

Look for the 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash to draw talent from Maui, all up and down the west coast as well as the east coast and hopefully even further. So if you have something else scheduled that week, you might want to start trying to get out of it now.

This double elimination windsurfing contest will be run during the two best days of wind and waves, and SUP contests/events will fill any no-wind days or settle for the least windy mornings anyway.

The Gold Beach Fairgrounds will lend us all the room we could possibly need for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as provide complimentary camping for the entrants.But keep in mind there is a limit of one hundred entries for the windsurfing contest.

Permissions and insurance are already in place, the sponsors are stepping up huge, the stoke is overwhelming and we hope you can come join us for what promises to be the largest and the most insane US wave sailing contest of the coming seasons.

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