The records of the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge

October 9, 2013 | Windsurfing
Luderitz Speed Challenge: the sailor and the speed strip

When the wind blows in Namibia, the best place to be is definitely Luderitz. Windsurfers and kiteboarders are battling for the fastest speed sailing record.

The Luderitz speed strip has been improved and the fastest sailors on Earth have been recording their best times in the GPS units.

The 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge kicked off in "only" 20 knots of wind, but that doesn't mean that the national and personal records aren't falling.

The 500-meter record is held by Paul Larsen. On 24 November 2012, he sailed the Vestas Sailrocket 2 at 65.45 knots in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Check the best marks of the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge:

2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge | Windsurfing Marks

Anders Bringdal: 50.43 knots (Sweden)
Antoine Albeau: 50.07 knots (France)
Hans Kreisel: 49.56 knots (Holland)
Patrik Diethelm: 49.41 knots (Italy)
Jurjen Van der Noord: 49.01 knots (Holland)
Mark Grinnell: 48.43 knots (South Africa)
Nick Vardalachos: 48.09 knots (South Africa)
Farrell O'Shea: 48 knots (England)
Manfred Merle: 47.86 knots (German National Record)
Nicolas David Garrel: 47.83 knots (Luxembourg National Record)
Patrick Van Hoof: 47.74 knots (Belgium National Record)
Gautier Bourgeois: 47.65 knots (France)
Dirk Jan Knol: 47.55 knots (Holland)
Bjorn Dunkerbeck: 47.53 knots (Holland)
Tony Wynhoven: 47.23 knots (Australian National Record)
Remo Diethelm: 47 knots (Swiss National Record)
Craig Spottiswood: 46.78 knots (Australia)
Christophe Richaud: 48.72 knots (France)
Boris Vujasinovic: 46.51 knots (Croatian National Record)
Alex Goncharov: 46.49 knots (Ukrainian National Record)
Marcus Richardson: 46.49 knots (Sweden)
Markus Emanuelson: 46.35 knots (Sweden)
Jacques Kint: 46.24 knots (Australia)
Brad Anderson: 46.18 knots (Australia)
Minos Efstathiadis: 46.18 knots (Greece)
Daniel Borgelind: 46.09 knots (Sweden)
Francesco d'Urso: 46.09 knots (Italy)
Alain de Gendt: 45.92 knots (Belgium)
Alberto Possati: 45.87 knots (Italy)
Will Trossell: 45.79 knots (England)
Christian Bornemann: 45.55 knots (Germany)
Dieter Gerichhausen: 45.53 knots (Germany)
Gildas Bechet: 45.53 knots (France)
Andrew Daff: 45.42 knots (Australia)
Anders Bjorkqvist: 45.28 knots (Sweden)
Thomas Doblin: 45.28 knots (Germany)
Martyn Ogier: 45.17 knots (England)
Raffaello Gardelli: 44.92 knots (Sweden)
Mitch Wagstaff: 44.78 knots (South Africa)
Alain Montauzou: 44.69 knots (France)
Denis Vladimirov: 44.61 knots (Russian National Record)
Zara Davis: 43.77 knots (UK)
Lena Erdil: 42.94 knots (Turkey)
Chris Benzing: 42.79 knots (Germany)
Ben Vanderick: 42.64 knots (Belgium)
Marc Kappes: 42.62 knots (Germany)
Henrick Schill: 41.96 knots (Sweden)
Andrea Baldini: 41.94 knots (Italy)

2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge | Kiteboarding Marks

Sebastien Cattelan: 55.36 knots (France)
Taro Niehaus: 53.04 knots (South African National Record)
Ole Kjaer: 50.43 knots (Danish National Record)
Marc Antoine Martin: 49.33 knots (France)
Laurent Heiligenstein: 48.89 knots (France)
Anthony Chaffron: 46.64 knots (France)
Sophie Routaboul: 45.44 knots (France)
Matthias Rottcher: 43.85 knots (Namibia)
Roger Ornvang: 41 knots (Swedish National Record)
Humberto Torrinha: 39.21 knots (Angola)

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