The RS:X Windsurfing schedule for Rio 2016

October 29, 2015 | Windsurfing
RS:X: windsurfing is back in the Olympic Games | Photo: RS:X Class

The sailing venues and dates for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have been confirmed.

The RS:X Windsurfing competition will kick off on the 8th August, at 1pm local time, in Pão de Açúcar. The other sailing venues are Ponte and Escola Naval (Guanabara Bay), as well as Niteroi and Copacabana (Atlantic Ocean).

As a reserve course, the organization picked Aeroporto and Pai. The RS:X class will be making its third appearance in the Olympic Games.

The windsurfing discipline replaced Mistral One Design Class in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, in China. The official board measures 286 centimeters in length and 93 centimeters in width.

The RS:X was designed by Neil Pryde, and inspired by the ES4, a speed concept developed to break the 50-knot barrier.

What about water pollution? Nebojša Nikolić, a member of the medical commission of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), says that the rate of illness among sailors after the second Aquece Rio test was "much lower than would be expected."

Rio 2016 Olympic Games | RS:X Provisional Schedule

August 8th | Pão de Açúcar | 3 Races
August 9th | Escola Naval | 3 Races
August 10th | Reserve Day
August 11th | Niteroi | 3 Races
August 12th | Escola Naval | 3 Races
August 13th | Reserve Day
August 14th | Pão de Açúcar | 1 Races
August 15th | Reserve Day

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